Aston Martin Carbon Fiber Centre Caps Aston Martin Enjoliveurs - Fibre de Carbone

$779.32 -

An exclusive Q by Aston Martin Accessory. Enhance the sporting appearance of your Aston Martin with these technical and exquisitely crafted carbon fibre wheel centre caps. An ideal gift item, the centre caps come complete with a high quality Obsidian black leather and Alcantara® lined presentation case. The carbon fibre wheel centre caps are available in either a deep gloss or smooth satin finish and feature the Aston Martin wings logo in silver. The centre caps use the same A-grade visual carbon fibre offered on our exterior and interior carbon fibre features to ensure they are a perfect complement.

Un accessoire exclusif par Aston Martin. Améliorer l'aspect sportif de votre Aston Martin avec ces enjoliveurs techniques en fibre de carbone. Un cadeau idéal pour n'importe amateur d'Aston Martin. Avec logo ailes Aston Martin en argent et un fibre de carbone de grade A .